Award-winning leader and one of Swedens' top ranked sustainability experts, specialized in circular economy and consumption. Have held over 1000 public appearances and speeches. Excellent communication skills and a PR wizard. A visionary brand builder that's currently working as a Co-founder for ClimateHero.

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Thrilled to be part of ClimateHero as a Co-founder and as their Head of Communication & Partnerships, where I am working a great deal with PR, branding and lectures of varies types. I am also running campaigns and collabs with a win-win-win approach (for us, our partner and the planet). ClimateHero helps you go climate positive in three steps:
→Step 1: Calculate your carbon footprint
→Step 2: Commit to reduce your footprint
→Step 3: Contribute to global net zero

Calculate your carbon footprint in just 5 minutes→

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I had the honor to represent the Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption (Medveten Konsumtion) for seven years. I worked with brand development, lead an organizational change, improved the communication resulting in broad PR & increased revenue, apart from day to day tasks. Here I learned that I love and need variety, I excel under freedom with responsibility which allows me to follow my energy-curve (a working model I implemented). Working with something that rhymes with my values has been such a great experience. 

In July 2022 we advocated for sustainable and circular consumption on the national morning sofa at ”TV4 Nyhetsmorgon”. In 2020 we invented a new word ”circulent”, which describes a consumer that operates in a circular economy. Since, the Swedish version of the word (cirkulent) is an official one, it has spread over 10 million times online and big brands like IKEA uses it.  We’ve visited this TV-station several times before and after that.

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I’ve held over 1000 public appearances such as lectures, workshops, speeches and interviews during the past decade. Mostly within Sustainable & Circular Consumption, Leadership and my Personal Journey. As a speaker I have the gift of being able to reach the audience and move them. I’m one of those blessed with a voice and energy that people not only listen to, but truly hear. 




    I’m doer of magnitude. I believe in uplifting others. I am not afraid to address the elephant in the room. I see things from an abstract, detailed and connected level at the same time. 

    I am the type of person who set goals even if there are none, and reach them. I have a unique ability to read the atmosphere making me tactful, well-liked and an excellent negotiator. 



    I was sitting in my classroom and heard the principal calling out in the speakers. He said my name. He...


    You can hire me for public speeches (in Swedish or English), communication / PR consulting, lectures, workshops, board work /...


    Timeline of achievements 2020 Nominated as one of Sweden’s most exciting sustainability talent by Aktuell Hållbarhet Several local newspapers and...


    • Alexandra is one of the early experts in Sustainable and Circular Consumption, and today a distinguished one. She is a well-known speaker and a doer of magnitude! I fully support hiring her for speeches or advising of any kind related to her expertise.
      Ingmar RentzhogCEO and founder, We Don't have Time
    • Me and Alexandra worked together in the board for a non-profit organization. She is one of the most professional people I've worked with. She is full of ideas, a visionary if you will, but also an executer who makes things happen in a structured and professional way!
      Carina KindkvistEntrepreneur & Owner CoachHuset
    • I had the pleasure to host Alexandra in Urbanistica Podcast that is dealing with Smart Cities. Alexandra is a great public speaker with so much passion to circular economy and to create sustainable cities. She is all about good energy, motivation and inspiration.
      Mustafa SherifFounder and host, Urbanistica Podcast
    • Alexandra is a credible expert, a passionate doer and a leader within the field of sustainable consumption. She is charismatic, can drive change and always delivers - regardless of the nature or size of the project. I highly recommend working with her if the opportunity is given!
      Sandra RunstenHead of Sustainability Strategy - Environment and Planning Sweco
    • Alexandra and I worked together when I was on the board at Medveten Konsumtion. She has done so much for the organization and strengthen both the knowledge & brand for it. As a person Alexandra is reliable, enthusiastic and leads with both humbleness and inspiration. She’s always full of ideas and you are totally safe with her grande knowledge within sustainability and circularity.
      Annika SundinGreenfluencer @Medveten_i_stan & EU Climate Pact Ambassador, Climate Reality Leader
    • I had the opportunity to work with Alexandra when I was on the board of Medveten Konsumtion. Alexandra is a person who gets things done. She is not only good at getting great stuff started, she takes it all the way to the finish line and is also good at managing and then developing further. I would describe Alexandra as unprestigious and curious, asks relevant questions and is transparent. If Alexandra gets the opportunity to fully contribute with her skills and personality, really good things will definitely happen!
      Sofia LindbladSustainability Coordinator Stadium
    • Me and Alexandra worked together in the board for the non-profit organization, The Swedish Association of Responsible Consumption. Alexandra got excellent knowledge about circular and sustainable consumption and is a trustworthy and interesting public speaker. She is a professional executer, who makes things happen.
      Mia Tapio Entrepreneur, Procurement- and Development expert with sustainable focus, Recruiter within Fashion and Sports businesses
    • Alexandra makes things happen! When she talks you listen. She is a pioneer in circular economy, she influence us towards more sustainable consumption. She is a person that makes you happy when you have common meetings.
      Malin Möller Sustainable Business Developer
    • I had the honor to work with Alexandra Davidsson during my tenure at the UN WFP in Rome. Alexandra is a very talented communications professional with outstanding diplomatic and mediation skills. She is extremely pro-active, interested and engaged; drives her projects autonomously and effectively.
      Viktoria KirchhoffProject Manager, Animal Welfare & Sound Therapist