Accept who you are 💙

I’m sure you’ve heard of the #lawofattraction and how positive thinking create positive outcomes because the power of your thoughts is immense. I’m also pretty sure some people feel lost in this practicing due to lack of #acceptance of one’s feelings; you can’t skip this step because if you do the outcomes will be misguided. Why? Because you’re not #true to yourself then. If your are #feeling sadness/anger/anxiety then the first thing you have to do is #admitting and accepting that feeling, when you have done that and landed in your heart you can start practicing #loa and try to refocus your thoughts. “I welcome happiness in my life” or “I feel #gratitude and meaning in the small things in life”. Accept who you are 💙


Feeling inspired

It starts as a feeling deep down within. And then it makes itself impossible to ignore. I am once again feeling inspired.

So many thoughts. So many wishes. And so many dreams. A longing for routines… where does this come from?

I am sitting on the bus to work and just saw two nice posts. The first one was a quote saying “Most problems in peoples’ minds are caused by two ways of thinking. One is acting without thinking and the other one is thinking without acting.”. I believe the second one best describes where I am right now in life. Then I saw @josefinesyoga post about a “grateful-diary” and then it just suddenly hit me that I have not written in mine for months. My lovely little book.

Actions speak louder than words.

With so much love, Alexandra 💜

It has gone too far

I am against all types of extremism. I believe that is the cause to the worst problems our world face today.

In the light of the recent events the past year in Sweden (Trollhättan, IKEA, SD, fires etc.) I am certain this serves a higher pupose none of us would ever imagine. There are powers in the society kept in the dark.

One of the biggest instruments to play out this power – and whom I hold accountable – is the established “old media” controlled by these hidden power-keepers. We have a saying in Sweden that “media is the third state of authority”. No. Media is the first state of authority, controlling people’s opinions and what is and is not allowed to say. And politicians are cowards.

I am afraid too. But am breaking all chains of limitations and fear. I speak my truth.

The sad thing is that recent events have only served to fulfill one of their highest purpose: today, anyone who expresses any type of criticism to Sweden’s immigration is stamped as a racist.

The wonderful thing is that a lot of people has been awakened and see through this. I am awaken. Are you?