Our most powerful tool

The heart. Our hearts.

The immense power it holds is breathtaking. And the best part is if that you fill it with light, the love it holds will grow. We all have that within us. We are one.

If you’re facing any sort of difficult situation, bring your heart. If you’re happy, bring your heart. In fact, try to bring your heart by center yourself in it as many times you can today. I promise you… It is more of a challenge than it seems.


Looking within

Honestly, looking within and really try to look upon myself with objective eyes is essential to my wellbeing. Why? Because I need to feel that I develop, that I grow into a better person.

In order to do that I have to practice self-percepation to reach revalation… Sometimes the things I realize makes me wanna crawl out of my skin. It is then of most importance that I stay true and focus, accepting what I’ve come to realize instead of restisting it. Only then can I be better. For only then I can change my behavior. Or my thoughts pattern.