Christmas contemplating

Am so very much looking forward the year to come. 2018.

It has a special ring to it.

The stars are changing and the energies are finally changing into a much more lighted version since 2012 for me… these past years have been difficult and lifechanging. But also glorious of course. But the inner work and feelings and events in my life have been challenging. The least to say. Career has been going absolutly great. Am so very thankful and grateful for being where I am today. I absolutely love my job and where I am right now. But privatly, in my romance life and personal relationships, have been going… not so grate. Don’t get me wrong here, I am blessed with close and dear friends and family whom I love deeply but there have been so many losses. Betrayals. Heart breaks….. romantically and in family and friendships. I’ve lost people I even today can miss. The silverlining in it all lies in the learnings and personal growth. But that too takes energy. Like I am weiry of the struggle. The fighting. Not in the sense of arguing but in the sense of being in the demanding fighting to keep the balance and peace and focus on the lessons kind-of-struggle. So am very much looking forward to 2018.

I am such a sucker for new year resolutions and goals. And this year I will focus a lot of my health and how I am living my life and spending my time. Do those things which I am yearning for when I lay in bed at night. Those things I truly resonate with, but for some reason haven’t been doing at all or not heartfeltly. This will be my year. I can feel it. The winds are changing. Lets bring it!!!

My top 9 photos in instagram 2017. What a year. Am so proud and humble about it all.