Friday I’m in love

Normally I don’t work Fridays. Or… that’s the way it suppose to be in my main work. But now I also have the other temporary job in the other organization, plus, I think I prefer working 6,5 hours per day for 5 days instead of working 4 full days in my main job anyways. And then just spread out those other hours on all days in the other job.

Either way, today is amazing. I’ve been working over time the whole week, been following my schedule for the week and guess what?! I only have a short short day today so I started this Friday with sleeping in 😍 In a couple of hours I have a PT-session (and my soreness has JUST disappeared from Mondays’ session 😂) and after that I’ll stop by the office before having a fika with Hanna. Yaay! 

My job

Seriously, I absolutely love love love my work! 😍 

Am so grateful for being able to work with something meaningful, something I am really passionate about and feels good in my heart. 

Yesterday my new colleague started and it feels amazing. Will for sure miss my old projectleader but he’s a daddy to a sweet sweet little girl now and lives in Lund. I havn’t had a colleague at the office since December, just on distance 😣 

Anyways, will soon leave for the office. Was suppose to get up an hour ago, but couldn’t make it… haha I’m a real sleepyhead. 

During around 13 or 14 o’clock, the sun always shines in like this 😍

Apart from working with sustainable consumption as a Secretary General, I’ve had for the last weeks also been working as the Acting Head of Office for the Norden Association Youth League. Am a member in the national board and our former Secretary General does not work with us anymore. Since my main-job is only 80% (the organization believes a 32-hour work week is more sustainable socially – I agree 😉) I can jump in and work at that office too. It’s been quite stressfull but who does not love a challange? 

Healing. While the mind thinks, the heart knows.

For me, healing in various forms have been essential for my wellbeing. It has helped me in and through the darkest and happiest moments of my life. When I first discovered it as a 14-year old I was not a fan. I still remember how I rushed out of the room at the end of the session, saying “I will never do this again”. I was angry. Because I couldn’t lie. I couldn’t lie anymore to myself, what I was feeling and how I was doing. My reactions to my actions. During the session I had to face it all. And I hated it.

Still. It was the most magical and calmest experience. And I felt good afterwards… Like ten pounds lighter and five miles taller. I believed in myself. I found back. At that time it was a huge secret. Taboo really.

During the years it was my rescue. From traumatizing events and immense sorrow. But mostly it was my time for myself.. for hearing that little voice within me. Only my closest friends knew that I practiced healing, the taboo was still there, but not in the way that you’d be put on the psyche if you spoke about it. Nah, just kidding.

As a 20-something year old I educated myself to become a reiki master, and a couple years later I finished. I started a company (heartovermind, after the life philosophy I’m pursuing), and I began practice healing in various ways. I broke the taboo and went against the norms. An academic, career-woman who is (openly) spiritual? How is that possible? But it was in a time when people were starting to wake up and the subject was not that awkward anymore. I was proud (still am). It is such a huge part of me and it permeates everything I do. I mean, everything I do. It’s just there. In my way of thinking and acting and believing and seeing. In my work, in my lessons and my daily life.

Today I’ve come to the point where I no longer actively think about it. It’s just a part of me. If I am feeling down, stressed, ill or whatever – if I just feel the need to balance my chakras, to refill my energies and center myself, I do. Since a couple of years I started to not lable the healing I channel, it’s just me. Me and my own healing from my higher self. Nothing else. One does not have to lable everything. I just trust my intuition and follow the guidance that comes. We are all beings in the state of evolving, and we are all walking our own paths. What’s right for me might not be right for you, but dare to follow that inner voice and guidance of yours – whether it is going vegan, to a concert, follow a religion, becoming a doctor, eating chocolate or whatever! Just listen. And trust. It truly has helped my in ways I cannot express (at least not here, in what’s suppose to be a short post). I guess I just wanted to share. And simply say: be who you are.

Just go for it. 

Longing back to Thailand where I joined Ida Warg, Anna Nyström & Josefine Bengtsson on the most wonderful and magical yoga / work out-trip ever and launched my business. That view! 


I’ve always had weird dreams. And nightmares are more common than not. When I was little or even a teenager it was not unusual that I shouted right out, in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. Then and there I was mostly angry in my dreams (aside from my twisted nightmares which are just scary😂)… I remember that I often was angry – no furious – with my family, my mother. 

Now… a few years later something has changed. Nowadays when I wake up from – or no, while – I am shouting, I am mostly angry with small stuff. Like this morning when I woke up while yelling “but f*ck what expensive it is!!!!”. I was dreaming that I went to my favourite café, and they charged 95 SEK for the top of the sandwich… haha. 

Another weird thing is that I have stopped screaming so much (even though it occassionally happens), the past years its quite normal for me to wake up by laughing. Imagine that. Wake up in happiness. 💖