I’ve always had weird dreams. And nightmares are more common than not. When I was little or even a teenager it was not unusual that I shouted right out, in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. Then and there I was mostly angry in my dreams (aside from my twisted nightmares which are just scary😂)… I remember that I often was angry – no furious – with my family, my mother. 

Now… a few years later something has changed. Nowadays when I wake up from – or no, while – I am shouting, I am mostly angry with small stuff. Like this morning when I woke up while yelling “but f*ck what expensive it is!!!!”. I was dreaming that I went to my favourite café, and they charged 95 SEK for the top of the sandwich… haha. 

Another weird thing is that I have stopped screaming so much (even though it occassionally happens), the past years its quite normal for me to wake up by laughing. Imagine that. Wake up in happiness. 💖