Hello again

Hehe..last post was about being productive. Can’t say I’ve been that here lately?

Yeah. Inspiration comes and goes. I think I might be on a…….. comeback now? Setback? We’ll see. 


One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I have an urge to be productive. It doesn’t matter if it’s work, at home or in my work out-routine. Except for when I say I’ll have a rest day, I need to be productive in some of the above areas. I do stuff full heartedly and 110%. Even rest days. If I say I’m gonna rest I can lay in bed all day watching shows, meditating and eat a bunch of candy. And I mean that literally. All day.

And that’s OK because most days I usually don’t. In the majority of my time I am being productive and get alot of things done. It’s like I cannot rest by the end of the day if I’m not. Like today.. I got all of the things done at work that were on my to do-list – and none extra (which is not unusual). I got home quite early and figured all of my favourite food for the moment was finished. So I went to the store and cooked 12 meals of my two favourite dishes 😂 felt good. Haha.

And so now I can fall asleep feeling good about myself. I haven’t decided if it’s a good or a bad thing yet. Almost like an addiction. But hey, I think I compensate it with my rest days (and vactions!). I listen to my body when I need a day off and I take it with pride. Two if I have to. Only thing that can (and have occured a bit too often these last months) cause somewhat of a stress-chaos is when I literally cannot make time for my rest days because of other arrangements/work/whatever. But I’ve done just fine until now. And I respond with planning for an entire resting-weekend instead 😉

I just need to remind myself to check in with my habits: are they giving me energy or slowly draining me out? I go for the first one by now. At least now when I’m finally (!) On the right side of the surface. 


… I feel quite lonely tonight. You know, having one of those nights where you need to sleep but aren’t really tired. 

Have had an amazing weekend with lots of time spended with one of my closest friends, Mia. 💖 As well as time to reload, clean, and do the laundry. Not so fun while doing it but feels good afterwards.

Missing my friends in my hometown and also the ones here. But tonight I am mostly missing someone. I am not a single-type-of-person at all but refuse to settle for less than I deserve. And the older I get the more I realize how hard it is to find someone? Not that I am looking (haha maybe that’s the problem here) but damn… we’re all humans and need the closeness from another being from time to time. Someone to hold and be held by. Right now I wish someone else lied here in bed with me whom I could snuggle into. Breathe with. Someone other than my dog! Haha. Titzi I love you but you’re always the little spoon. I want to be little too. 

Feeling inspired

It starts as a feeling deep down within. And then it makes itself impossible to ignore. I am once again feeling inspired.

So many thoughts. So many wishes. And so many dreams. A longing for routines… where does this come from?

I am sitting on the bus to work and just saw two nice posts. The first one was a quote saying “Most problems in peoples’ minds are caused by two ways of thinking. One is acting without thinking and the other one is thinking without acting.”. I believe the second one best describes where I am right now in life. Then I saw @josefinesyoga post about a “grateful-diary” and then it just suddenly hit me that I have not written in mine for months. My lovely little book.

Actions speak louder than words.

With so much love, Alexandra 💜